Friends had stayed at C & C and recommended it to us. And we were not disappointed. The place, six months into it’s opening, is utterly delightful. At the onset, my communication with the owners itself set the tone. Prompt, accommodating and helpful. On arriving, unfortunately the owners were not in town but their staff was equally warm and helpful. Definitely a big plus. Williams, the major-domo spoilt us with his cooking, asked us our preferences and even voluntarily packed us a little lunch for our car journey back to Bangalore.
The rooms are comfortable and tastefully done. I personally loved the furniture and the linen. Pleasantly surprised also to notice little conveniences like the warming rack in the bathrooms, which are old people-friendly…something one does not see in most hotels, leave alone home stays.
The view is picture postcard like. The patio perfect for evening tea and the little garden in front ideal for my little one’s cartwheel sessions and chasing rabbits, of which one makes an occasional appearance.
All in all definitely a place to return to and be recommended to friends.

Vinita K. Jeantet


We often used to wonder as to why people frequently talked about finding a home away from home while taking a vacation.Holidays to us always meant escaping from home to anything but home.But Clive and Curzon emerged a robust challenge to our idea. It certainly is a home away from home for anyone looking for an escape to an even better home with an experience of living that is remarkably superb.Wish we could visit the place soon again and be part of the sun,clouds,greens and the blues of Nilgiris from its superbly elegant verandah, wonderful rooms and so very caring and friendly staff. Our 3 year old baby Kabir had a wonderful time rolling on the soft grass and running around everywhere. All food for him too was on time, excellent and of great quality.

Swati Das, Vijayalakshmi Das, Biswaroop Das and Kabir, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

It was an awesome experience. Wonderful place to relax with a cup of a real green tea! fabulous rooms with all facility where you can be lazy and just read your favourite novel or play badminton! This place is 3 km from Ketti station where you can take the toy train to Ooty or Coonoor…

 Shalini Shyam Narayan

Par excellent. The cottage is well appointed with 3 bedrooms, TV room, dining, lounge and a kitchen. The place is maintained better than a 5 star hotel and the location adds to the charm….they even provide you with a cook (William) a delightful person. Lovely place!

Avnash A.

We travelled to The Clive and Curzon during the peak summer, but to our surprise found the place extremely tranquil and severed from the maddening rush of peak season tourists at the Nilgiris. Located in the serene hills of Ketti,Coonoor, it is cut off from the town, but well accessible. Beautifully furnished with carefully chosen textures and colours the owners ( a lovely, friendly couple) have displayed taste in everything about the place. Spacious rooms and bathrooms add to the charm of the captive location. The delicious meals served by the caretaker are beyond words to explain. Whether to feel the idle nature and take small walks in and around the place, or to drive to near by places,this would be ideal for couples, small groups or families alike. Very homely yet on par with professional excellence, we are happy to recommend the place to friends and relatives. And we look forward to our next visit.

Sherin B.S.

We had a wonderful stay at the Clive and Curzon. Great hosts, lovely location and a boutique setup. Our package included all meals, which were very homely, and cooked to our dietary needs. Desserts and salads were exotic and delicious. We spent two days just lazing, eating, enjoying the visual beauty of the locale and getting pampered by the hosts. They have three rooms and if you are able to go with a large enough group, you can make this is captive location – which is what we had done, and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is located in the Ketti Village between Ooty and Coonoor. Well situated to enjoy the Nilgiris weather without the din and noise of Ooty traffic. There is a forest which is just a kilometre away from this place and we’re hoping to explore that pretty soon.

Rajesh Narang

Property is wonderfully located(away from city) offering a scenic view. Hospitality is excellent and place is managed professionally. This place is a must visit and would love to stay here again. Special thanks to owner of the property for their attention to details and making this stay a memorable one.

Anurag Dubey

This place feels like home. Located on top of the hills, its a beautiful place, quiet and peaceful, a good place to spend your vacation with family and friends. The owners are friendly and they provide a very good service for your stay. Food is delicious. You also get a nice view of the hills and tea gardens. Highly recommended, definitely check it out!

Lamtei Wahlang

I wanted a home-like Christmas in Dec 2015 and very luckily found it at The Clive and Curzon. It is located on a pretty hillside with tea gardens around it, the sky was an ultra marine blue which I hadn’t seen in such a long time and the air smelled like pines and forest.  Their food was good too, I am not a breakfast person but I ate breakfast everyday while I was there! The area around is a good place for people who like long walks and nature. So if you want some time off to go somewhere far from the cities, but you want the comforts of home with nice people around, this is the place to go!

Natha Wahlang

I love this place and will surely come again. Have travelled a lot of places in India and for me it is very important that I can stay in a nice place especially after being for a few hundred kilometres on the road. This place is very well maintained, has an outstanding service and is located outside Ooty in a marvelous and quiet location. Breakfast with a good cup of coffee and a delicious dinner is served, while even considering your individual wishes. Very recommendable!

Michael Schade

A great experience indeed!! Perfect location between the towns of Ooty and Connoor means one can only see green forested hills and feels further away from town life than one actually is – so a short trip to either of these tourist centres is easily done in half a day. The facilities are excellent… wholesome food highlighting local produce (don’t miss the home dried green tea), spacious rooms, classic furniture and oh so well put together washrooms. The attention to detail and the eagerness to personalise the guest’s experience shows the passion my friends have put into this project. Also very very kid friendly… they can have the run of the house and the micro tea estate…. a perfect place for games in the sun… and for parents looking for a relaxing break from kid minding. Wishing the enthusiastic team all the very best.

Praveen Philip Thomas